Tuesday, January 31, 2012

After a full day I'm back at the home of my wonderful gracious family, drinking chai and eating sweet potatoes. Spent the day with our Rehoboth's woman's project. They are the ones who make the beautiful baskets and they decided it was time for Mama Amy(my Kenyan name) to learn. Fun, laughter and harder than it looks, but they say I'm a quick learner. As the days unfold I'm trusting in the One who has called me on this safari(Swaheli for journey)

The Photo is for Miss Hannah:-)


  1. Hi Chris!

    It's great to know you are there...I've been thinking about you so much. I'm asking Jesus to bless you and guide you and your heart!

    Love, Joanna

  2. Hey Chris, I am so excited for you and glad to hear that you are safe and sound and in the embrace of your precious family there. I'll bet you are already feeling at home. My prayer for you today is that you would have heightened spiritual awareness. Wow, that is a mouthful!! That your eyes would be opened to where God is moving and that you would follow him in faith with great confidence. Woo hoo!! I love you Chris. ~Lis