Monday, February 20, 2012

Just another Kenyan monday, Awoke early with renewed energy and the vertigo gone Yaaay! Did laundry, yes that would be with a tub and 2 buckets out on the patio, Made chai and fruit smoothies for the family and we are off. A stop at the NCK Nursing Counsel of Kenya to find out what I have to do to get a temporary license. Not as daunting as I expected. The daunting part was 2 + hours in Nairobi traffic.

Nairobi Traffic

My 1st Matatu!

The dusty road home

Safely Home:-)
The walk Home
spent the rest of the day at a hospital clinic, My Kenyan girl has been having stomach problems, blood work today and contrast x-rays tomorrow. Had my first true Matatu ride and a walk through the allies home. Ruth called me a real African lady :-) After her tests tomorrow we are heading back to Eldoret (4hrs North) to spend some more time at the Fistula hospital and follow the surgeon. The time here as gone so fast it's hard to believe I only have a week left:-( I love this land! Gotta run it's dinner time, egg curry and rice Yum! and packing (again) early start tomorrow with Victor(My favorite driver!)

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