Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Well its been quite a day. Finally got to the nurses in charge of the fistula program. Lots of useful info and a way forward. Ruth went to visit a friend and I went out to Chai with the guys. Then off to visit Pastor Gordon's projects. 1st a park to meet four of his youth group involved with a program called MDD (music, dance and drama) These kids perform in Kisumu and all over Nyanza province even into Uganda,  presenting environmental and current event issues though music dance and spoken word. They even Skype conference with a school in Japan. Truly the hope of Kenya!  Then on to a small village nestled in the sugar cane fields, about 30mi and more dirt roads outside of Kisumu. Once again a gracious welcome of chapati, chicken, ugali and sukumu wiki. They have started raising sheep here and have a herd of 9. After lunch a visit to  two schools, a primary school and secondary, where some of the children are sponsored by Pastor Gordon's Go Fish Net Ministry. After meeting with the head master, teachers and PTA we were treated to a performance by the kids. After they finished Mama Amy got hugs from each one, priceless. Back to the humble home for afternoon tea, fresh pineapple and more singing and dancing. Yesterday in a conversation with Gordon, he told be that the prime minister was lucky because he has everything.  Tonight as we head back to Kisumu, our stomachs full and hearts overflowing I tell Godon he's wrong that we are the one's who are rich. We drive off into a stunning sunset over the Nyondo River.  Tomorrow morning Hippo hunting in a boat in Kiboko(hippo) Bay on Lake Victoria. Then on to Eldoret and a fistula hospital.

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