Thursday, February 23, 2012

This has been amazing safari, but yesterday it all came together! I knew I need to go back to Eldoret. I found this small fistula clinic on the internet a couple of days before I left the states. Visited here a week ago and have felt like I was supposed to come back. So yesterday we traveled the 5 hrs from Nairobi. Met with Dr Mabaye Tuesday night and was in the OR at 0630 yesterday morning. Thought I was coming to observe, NOT! A nurse set up the 1st case and I was told to scrub and assist! The nurse left half way though leaving me to finish and set up and do the 2nd case on my own. Coming back tonight to do a 3rd. I think this falls under good cheap help is hard to find:-) Anyway had lots of time to talk and catch Dr Mabaye's passion and vision for these women..I am so in!! He is only one of five fistula surgeons in Kenya. There are around 100,000 cases a year and he currently has a waiting list of over a 100. His vision is for a bigger facility and training for the women that have had their lives so devastated and disrupted. There is more that I will fill you in when I'm back...enjoy the photos! Oh and for those of you at work following, the Anesthesiologist that I worked with,Ogama, reminded me so much of Manny, laugh and all, it brought tears to my eyes. It's good to know his spirit lives on:-)

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