Thursday, February 9, 2012

Quieter day today:-) Went Hippo hunting this morning and scored! Also saw a Nile lizard. Then stopped at the market to by dried fish, My new favorite food!  Said goodbye to the heat and humidity of Kisumu and headed to the cooler air of the hills. With every few miles you seem to enter a new tribal group. Past a small tea plantations and then on to Eldoret. Found another fistula center and was able to spend some time with one of the nurses, will meet with the surgeon tomorrow. Lots of good info and possibilities. Another dinner of dry/fry fish you know it's good when your the only white girl in the restaurant :-)  You peel the fish off the bone with your fingers eating the entire fish, they say the gils make you smart and the eyes let you see with the eyes of a Kenyan. So I'm getting really smart and seeing more and more clearly. Heading back to Nakuru tomorrow to meet with our Zion's Daughter Group. But 1st a visit to Ruth's grandparents in Njoro.

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