Tuesday, February 7, 2012

 A relaxing weekend with the family, Jessie's 10th birthday, swimming with the kids, and a trip to the salon for hair braiding. Monday morning ready to travel. 1st stop Nakuru: Medical supplies to the clinic and dinner with old friends. Tuesday after a breakfast of oranges, papaya and pineapple and our Kenyan traveling prayer: God go before us God go behind us and on each side of us and at the end of the day we will be careful to thank you. "We are going to Kisumu" traveling this road has become a metefor for life, it's dirty and full of ruts and potholes but God always guides us safely through. So after 3 hours of bumps, dust  we take another diversion to stop and say hello to the mother of a friend. As always in this country we are welcomed with a gracious meal, this time rice and chicken. 1 more hour and we are finally in Kisumu! Met by Pastor Gordon, who leads the 3rd group we work with. Got my first look inside a government hospital including the OR. going back tomorrow to meet with the gynecologist who does the fistula work. Then of to see the chicken and tailoring projects. I think Ruth is surprised by the adventure. 8pm and finally time for dinner, told Gordon no more being treated like a tourist time to eat where the locals dine:-)

Fabulous! Ugali, Sukumu Wiki and sundried,deepfried Talapia all eaten fingers and yes I ate the whole fish including the gills and eyes Yum!

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  1. Jambo Chris! Love reading your blog...makes me feel like I am there :) and makes me miss Kenya and all of our friends there so much! Would you please give a huge hug to Victor for me and tell him I love and miss him! And also, a very big hug to our dear Pastor Gordon...miss his huge smile!!! Are you going to go back through Nakuru...will you see Peter and Grace? Much love and hugs to both of them, their girls, and all of the Zion's Daughters (oh and of course, Rehoboth as well) And a special hello to Ruth, your fellow traveler...miss her smile and beautiful spirit.... Love you girl and I pray God is pouring out His spirit and blessing on you and your incredible "safari"..... Valerie